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Hair Removal Methods: Hair Inhibitors

Hair No More Vanishing Creme

o Painless hair removal
o Moisturizes
o Protects skin

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Hair Inhibitors - Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

What are hair inhibitors?


Hair inhibitors are clear odorless topical solutions made from a mixture of plant enzymes. They are completely natural and gentle on the skin.

hair inhibitors


How do hair inhibitors work?


Basically hair inhibitors mimic the process that causes baldness. By changing the structure of the hair follicle the hair gradually becomes finer and softer until it finally disappears.

The herbal ingredients penetrate into the hair follicle and disable the mechanism that causes hair growth.


hair inhibitors



How do you use hair inhibitors?


The solution is best applied to the skin after using a hair removal method such as shaving or waxing. When used after waxing the results seem better than with other methods.

The solution is rubbed or sprayed onto the skin so it penetrates the pores and reaches the hair follicle.

In the case of Kalo, you apply the solution three times after a hair removal session at about 15 minute intervals. Then repeat the process the next day. That's it until the next hair removal session.

Best results are seen with hair removal methods that take hair out by the root such as waxing, sugaring, tweezing and threading.


Gigi Waxing

hair inhibitors help with waxing

o Brazilian Hard Wax
o All Purpose Wax
o Microwave Formula
o Muslin Strips
o Wax Warmers



hair inhibitors


Where can hair inhibitors be used?


Hair inhibitors can be used all over the body including:

back, shoulder, face, arms, chest, forearms, legs, upper lip, abdomen, bikini line, underarms




How soon can you expect results from hair inhibitors?

A slowing down of hair growth is usually noticed after about one month. Significant changes are often seen after a few weeks.

How long do the results last from hair inhibitors?

Continued use of hair inhibitors will significantly keep the hair from growing back. In a few cases the effect is permanent.

Note: Hair Inhibitors may not work for everyone. Each individual is different in the way they respond to the active ingredients. Make sure the company you order from offers a no questions asked, no time limit, unconditional money refund and you can use the product without risk.

What about Vaniqa?

Vaniqa is a prescription drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is a topical prescription treatment for women with unwanted facial hair.

It takes about two months to work and is used in conjunction with other hair removal methods.

Because Vaniqa is a prescription cream, a doctor or dermatologist's approval is required before it can be obtained. A consultation form can be submitted online when ordering through the internet.

The disadvantage is that it is a drug. Drugs often have some adverse effect on the body.

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Hair Inhibitors: Which one?

There are numerous hair inhibitors on the market but one of the first and still one of the most successful is Kalo Hair Growth Inhibitor

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